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Sell your home

Selling a house is not about the money . . .

Make no mistake, selling your house is about the money and I can assure you that meticulous management of each and every detail will yield the highest possible price.  

But managing the details of preparing, marketing and negotiating the best price for your home is only the baseline of client care. This should be the starting point for choosing a real estate professional - not the sum total.

When we get down to it, selling your house is not really about the money.

  • Selling your home is about living a safe, comfortable and prosperous life.
  • Selling your home is about planning a secure future and providing for our families.
  • Selling your home is about the possibility of leaving a legacy.

The story of our lives is not defined by the sale of a house or the money made from the sale.

The story of our lives is defined by the choices we make, and how those choices impact those we love most. 

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Years of practice as a full time real estate professional has given me the experience that you need.

  • Expert negotiation skills

  • Management of “high conflict” situations such as trusts, probate and divorce

  • Outstanding communication and collaboration

  • Keen understanding of process behind buying and selling homes, the current housing market and property values

  • Refer additional service providers who provide expert advice and exceptional service


One-of-a-kind marketing plans

Because each client is unique I create a one-of-a-kind marketing plan offering step-by-step details outlining exactly what, where, how and when we will market and advertise your home along with a detailed calendar of events starting from the day we meet to discuss our plan to the day we close escrow.


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